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Sky-Catcher I energy production through a low air breeze

A lightweight construction of the catch-unit combined with a new technology of catching a low air-movement brings the Sky-Catcher into the energy mode. A simple air-movement and a unused place offers a good possibility to gain autarky and efficient energy.

Sky Catcher SC1
  1. 1

    Catch-Unit / lightweight / 4m² / 4kg

    A simple low air breeze of 11 km/h gives enough dynamic pressure to produce a 1000 watt electric power. A integrated overload mechainsm gives security at stormy weather. The catch-unit provide a great space for advertising.

  2. 2

    Catch-Body / robust / all-in-one

    The Catch-Body comprised all neccessary instruments and give the possebilities for enhancements. A performance scaling could set if required.

  3. 3

    Catch-Base / proper fitting

    A stiff and weighty bracket gives a solid fitting to the ground. The bracket supports an opperation area of a radius to 360° degrees. The Catch-Base is the interface to power- and data transmission.

Sky-Catcher - Bionic universally applicable

Learning from the nature. The Sky-Catcher is inspired of the nature. Leaves of trees and plants which are moving through a low air breeze get back and forth and at least into the original position. A further challenge during developement was the fulfillment of energy needs from office buildings, factories, farms with only one solution. The significant conformity of all demands was energy needs, unused places and surrounding low air movement. The Sky-Catcher fits into many operation conditions due to his unique design.

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Sky-Catcher I Tracking-Software

A quick status request or a report from last month will be easy with the web-based Sky-Catcher software. Visible on computer, tablet or comfortably mobile from your smatrtphone.

Tracking Software
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    Sky-Catcher / Pick-Place-System

    The mobile energy plant generates efficient energy even at a simple low air movement. Single plant or Swarm plants. Easy like a tablet. The new generation of Energy on Demand.

  2. 2

    Sky-Catcher / Tracking-Software

    The reporting software gives you the opportunety to look at the Sky-Cacthers performance. A Quick status request. Swarm request and a analyzing tool for an energy benchmarking are only a few possibilities of the Sky-Catcher software.

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STUNT e.V. besichtigt den SKY CATCHER / STUNT e.V. inspects the SKY CATCHER

Das STUNT e.V. Team besichtigte mit großer Begeisterung den SKY CATCHER. Trotz der Größe ist ersichtlich was für eine gut durchdachte Technik in dem SKY CATCHER steckt. Die große Catch-Einheit von 8 m² lässt sich nämlich bequem mit zwei Fingern bewegen. Jede Position bleibt Dank ihrer Selbsthaltung stehen und wartet auf ein laues Lüftchen.
The STUNT e.V. Team inspects the SKY CATCHER. It is possible to move the catch-unit very comfortably with two fingers despite the huge size of 8 m². Small things turn big (eyes) with the smart technology of the SKY CATCHER. Suitable for a small air breeze. Jan 2016


execArt UG & CO. KG unterstützt Catch Your Energy! / Company supports SKY CATCHER!

Wir danken dem Unternehmen execArt UG (haftungsbeschränkt) & CO. Kg die dem Motto treu bleiben "Support your local" und an uns glauben. Wir können wieder stolz verkünden die execArt UG & CO. KG als Partner gewonnen zu haben, die uns tatkräftig unterstützten und den Weg gemeinsam mit uns gehen möchten.
We are happy for our new supporter-company execArt UG & CO. Kg. Thank you very much for supporting us! Jan 2016



28.12.2015 um 12:04 Uhr hat das Catch-Team ein Schritt in Richtung Datenkommunikation gemacht. Der SKY CATCHER erzeugt sein eigenes WIFI. Mithilfe einer eigenen Festplatte konnten fröhlich Daten jeglicher Art vom SKY CATCHER gesendet werden. Wie zum Beispiel die spätere Präsentation im Videoformat die auf einem Tablet gezeigt wurde, ist vom SKY CATCHER an das Tablet gesendet worden.
28.12.2015 at 12:04 pm - SKY CATCHER generates his own WIFI. A presentation later that day was shown on a ordinary tablet while the SKY CATCHER transmitted this presentation and videos to the tablet. A step forward to data-network. Dez 2015